Summary: 1st Product Council Meeting 23/03/2022

OpenCRVS held its first Product Council meeting on 23 March 2022. The call focused on introducing the council members to one another, discussing the Product Council’s mandate and ways of working, and dig into the first product feature for exploration!.

Next sessions: please put 30th March to review the death registration form flow and 6th April in your diary to review performance management features.

To access the slides presented during the session click here

Zoom Link: Access the link to the council meeting here Passcode: 6BW18Vn$

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Ditto for these slides please, Evelyne, as per the SI call.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Please find attached the slide decks.
23rd March Product Council Meeting.pdf (816.6 KB) Sorry for the delay

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Hi @Ed_OpenCRVS, @Annina_OpenCRVS,

Please excuse me if I missed the answer to this question last Wednesday, while I was fiddling with my audio settings … :slight_smile:

Is the Technical Committee to be a subset of, separate from or in intersection with the Product Council?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for asking the question! The Technical Committee will be a separate group of individuals with more technical (software) knowledge. We will be in touch in the next few weeks with a call for interested participants - look forward to working with you there :).