Defining Performance Reports

Hello Product Council,
As we continue to progress with designs for new features of OpenCRVS, we would like to request your expertise in defining the requirements for Performance Reports, functionality that allows users to view and print a range of performance reports to support current business practices.

A quick recap: In version 1.0, OpenCRVS was released with a powerful Performance Management Dashboard, giving users a real-time view of performance metrics that you can filter to different administrative levels, events and time periods. You can see a snapshot of the current dashboard below.

While the current performance management dashboard captures much of the data you may need, we recognise the need to have a printable version to support existing business practices. To help us define the requirements it would great to hear your insights on:

  1. In general, how are reports used in your country?
  2. Who creates these reports?
  3. How are these reports shared? Who are they shared with?
  4. What data do you report on? What is the frequency of reporting (monthly, yearly)?
  5. What data is often missing in these reports that you would like to see?
  6. Do you have an example report that you would be happy to share?

Please reply with your inputs and also feel free to share existing templates we can review. Looking forward to engaging with you all.

Hi Wonderful People, great seeing all making progress, few mind share listed below.

In general, how are reports used in your country?

Sugg: There are audit and coverage reporting for performance management and other KPIs set by Govt. These are important from country perspective. Otherwise line ministry always need reports and format / templates changes time to time.

Who creates these reports?

Sugg: It depends on the contract, until vendor is on board it’s their service other wise we also have MIS team from ministry who can pull reports from database.

The approach we should take is to have a dynamic reporting with various filters available on the dashboard. ELK would be very good to start with, where customer can choose and do their own reports.

How are these reports shared? Who are they shared with?

Prints and secure PDF, it can be anyone from the govt. There are also public portal and reports available for public to transparency. These are mostly using Graphs and tools which are published on the website and these are real-time.

What data do you report on? What is the frequency of reporting (monthly, yearly)?

Sugge: Performance and Coverage along with Operational Reports.Audit Reports. We should give Date Time filter within permissible range just like we have in our Bank Portals. Fetching historical data for large population country can take time hence we should try use DataWarehouse or provide source connection configuration to department/ vendors / SI as applicable. Few countries already have Power BI or Tableau as license. The design should allow use any of the COTS or Bespoke development for BI and Reporting.

What data is often missing in these reports that you would like to see?

Sugg: Data which is required by sponsor of the project or program. Ie Min of Finance, Donor Partner, Audit and Growth Matrix,

Do you have an example report that you would be happy to share?

Please share email address so that I can Zipp them and send it across.

Thanks / Ashish Chatterjee; Protean eGOV


Hello @aashish.chatterjee
Thanks for the swift response and great insights to our questions. I especially like the suggestion to support dynamic reporting and the range of options you provided for consideration. You can email the report samples to and copy me in
Thank you.


Thanks, Ashish! Great inputs and things to consider. We will be hosting a Product Council meeting on the same and we can dig into some of these items then (details to follow).

Our designer, @j.pye-finch will also no doubt have some clarification questions when he is back from annual leave next week. :+1:

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Hello @aashish.chatterjee , wanted to follow up to see if you were able to email the sample reports. Please let me know, thanks.

Hello All,
Making a follow-up to this request of defining the requirements for Performance Reports. Could you share with us samples so we can make comparisons? It would be great to get additional comments from the community on how you interact with performance reports in your countries in order to incorporate your suggestions to the design.
For example @Charli and @Daniel is there anything you would recommend we consider for the questions we raised?
Looking forward to hearing from you all.

I tried to respond to Annina’s comment on this subject but for some reason couldn’t get the response to leave my outbox. Attached herewith, see screenshots of the monthly birth table and monthly death table. Never mind the name and ID columns on the death table. These are anonymized when generating subsequent tables.

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Here they are


Hello @Daniel,

Thanks for the attachments. It is very interesting to see the diversity of the data that makes it to the reports for births and deaths. I have also taken note of the monthly requirement for the reports.

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Hi Daniel, thanks for sharing!
Can you please clarify… you report on the following indicators on a monthly basis for birth (and the equivalent for death)?

  • Sex
  • Nature of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Type of place
  • Age of mother (by which age groups?)
  • Marital status
  • Nationality of mother
  • Occupation of mother
  • Mother’s level of education
  • Place of usual residence (by sub-county)
  • Date of registration (is this a count by day?)

Yes @Annina_OpenCRVS . Reporting on these variables is done on a monthly basis.

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Hello Product Council!
We invite you to participate in this month’s OpenCRVS Product Council, where we will review Operational Performance Reports requirements. The Product Council will take place on Wednesday 24th August 2022 at 9:00 am BST/ 1:30 pm IST/ 11: 00 am EAT . Please RSVP to confirm your attendance on this zoom link.
During the session, we will discuss the questions raised in this discussion thread and explore further the three complementary types of reporting supported by OpenCRVS:

  1. Operational Performance Dashboard
  2. Performance Reports
  3. Vital Statistics Export

Please check your emails to find more information on the session, you can also reply to this thread to post your comments in advance.
See you there!