OpenCRVS Performance Dashboard

Hello Product Council,
In this week’s discussion, we would like to review your expectations for the OpenCRVS performance dashboard. Questions to reflect on are as follows:

  1. What are the most important performance metrics at Local and National Levels?
  2. What would be the most frequently used metric at Local and National Levels?
    Attached are samples of the OpenCRVS screens to stimulate the conversation.
    Image 1: Overview, image 2: Completeness Rate within Legally specified time and image 3: Completeness rate by area.

We look forward to your comments and the discussion on Wednesday. Feel free to reply in advance of the call, particularly if you cannot make it.


We proposed a CRVS process performance framework a while back (link - Assessing the performance of CRVS systems ( Some things already considered but might worth looking at the domains.


i would say completeness by sex will be the most important…