Digitisation of paper records

We are researching requirements to enable countries to use OpenCRVS to digitise legacy paper records, and we need your help! Some of the things we need to better understand are:

  • What data fields should be digitised from paper records (all or some)?
  • What are the primary use cases of digitised paper records i.e. to be able to easily search for records anywhere in the country?
  • Should the paper records be scanned? If so, what considerations should be made?
  • What other things do we need to consider?

If you have any experience (good and bad!) and insights on this topic, please provide your contribution.


Thank you Njeri for raising this topic. As it has been one concerns to migrate from legacy system to OpenCRVS.
In my case here are the fields to consider :
Circonscription (Aka distirct)
Full Name
Date of birth
Place of birth
Son/Daugther of (Father’s Name)
Working as
And (Mother’s Name)
Working as
In our case there is another section (called “mention” in french) related to mariage and death (which are left blank till the person gets married or dies)
*The primary case of digitized records are for data safty, for real time statistics and easy certificat delivery for user who make request. Also having such system can unify all center information system and therefore aggregate rapidly datas
*According to me scanning paper won’t make sens for older registries due to degradation and also thre would be OCR system that may need to capture different datas from un unified contries system. My suggestion here is to set a csv or excel import template so that we can prepare legacy data to be import (from both legacy paper and monolithic desktop apps) doing so data import should be done at anytime whithout interfearing with new deployment

Hello, @Bcyrille thank you so much for these interesting insights on the fields to use to do the migration. We will add this recommendation to the product backlog.