Vital Statistics Export

After the launch of v.1.0 we are busy looking ahead to key features in the backlog, and we need your help.

Please take a look at the scope for vital statistics export below and tell us what is needed to make sure this is functional and good practice.

Version 1:

  • Auto-generate a yearly .csv of registration data. So it is available to export instantly and doesn’t require upfront processing to generate the .csv file
  • Contains no PII e.g. names, IDs, supporting docs
  • Files specific to each event type
  • You can then filter the .csv file to a specific location and time period if you so wish
  • Current records only (not historical data that was corrected)
  • Only a National System Admin or National Registrar can export

Being considered for v2:

  • Add types of roles to the Performance Manager user eg. Statistician. So that user and role type can export
  • Allow you to generate a .csv based specific filters eg. location, event type and time period
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Not specifically a requirement for OpenCRVS, but to illustrate the overall flow:

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Consider refining auto generated statistical reports to monthly or periodical.


Thanks, @Daniel! Do you mean give the user the ability to autogenerate this at the frequency by which they report, and perhaps send to their email? @j.pye-finch

Does the CSV contain cause of death ? What are the extra information available apart from life event data itself ?

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Yes @Annina. Countries may have different specified reporting frequencies but they should be as close to the date of occurrence/registration as possible.,weekly, monthly and perhaps quarterly. The statistics office may wish to observe trends as events occur therefore tables of “real time” data should be readily available.

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While it should not contain personal data, it is important to disaggregate by gender and age and if possible by geographical/location- for the stats to be useful.

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Typically, Vital Statistics agencies want all disaggregated data related to vital event registration. This means all non PII data captured in the system exported for use in a VS system.

In the case that a MCCOD is available, this would be included, but more often than not for death registration, manner of death is more ubiquitous.

@mbratschi any thoughts on this?

Thanks @Charli - for sure! Would you be able to send a picture and details of the reporting requirements (data points and frequency) for birth, death and marriage registration in Uganda?

@Daniel @Annina_OpenCRVS
A colleague in the Statistics department can be given a log in to view real time data using the Performance Dashboard. Plus generate ‘traditional paper reports’ which we are defining the requirements for in this post Defining Performance Reports

The Vital Statistics Export feature is so that the National Statistics Office can upload the CSV micro-data file into whatever software they are using.

Note. That with the current design the data would be at a max of 1 year out of date. Could consider having a configuration option to generate every quarter or month?

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@j.pye-finch @Daniel I don’t want to cause any confusion - as @j.pye-finch mentions - this channel is for VS export and more regular reporting discussion can be found in Defining Performance Reports.

For VS export we have typically observed bureaus of statistics requiring data on an annual basis - is that correct?

@Annina_OpenCRVS you are right, NSOs tend to receive VS on annual basis. Could you consider leaving this to a country’s CRVS-NSO business rules as the frequency may vary from country to country? As @j.pye-finch suggests, the option of monthly or quarterly reporting should accommodate different country scenarios.


@Daniel Yes this requirement to configure the time period has been added to the backlog.

Would you have an example of a vital statistics .csv file?

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