Changing the 'localhost' value

how can we change the ‘localhost’ that is hardcoded everywhere to some other value rather than updating each occurrence manually?

Hi Suhani!

Changing from “localhost” to some other address hasn’t been requested thus far, so I must ask: what’s your use case for this?

im working on a unix server, and I want to make the application accessible through public IP and thus want to replace the localhost with public IP

Thank you for your reply. Are you intending to develop and configure OpenCRVS or deploy OpenCRVS to a server for demo purposes? Currently we have clear design and implementation for two use cases:

  1. Local development in a local development environment. Currently we support MacOS, Ubuntu and recently have gotten WSL to work as well. Documentation for this can be found here 4.1 Set-up a local development environment | v1.4 | OpenCRVS
  2. Deployments to a remote Ubuntu environment for demoing and for production use. Documentation can be found here 4.3 Set-up a server-hosted environment | v1.4 | OpenCRVS

Doing development on a remote Ubuntu server is unfortunately not officially supported and like you said, requires changes in the code.