Multiple issues while deploying OpenCRVS v1.2.0

Hi OpenCRVS team,

I am trying to deploy OpenCRVS v1.2.0 on an AWS server ubuntu v22.0 but have been encountering multiple issues with it. I have also opened a Github ticket listing the issues I am facing:

Here is a brief summary of the issues:

  1. Moving a metabase sql file from one directory to another. I debugged and looked like both the source and destination paths do not exist.

  2. It has to work with docker but does not install docker on its own. I had to manually install docker and login into it.

  3. It throws an error about some log file which is again a blocker issue.

I am following your latest documentation here: 4. Installation | v1.4 | OpenCRVS

Need your immediate attention to this please. I need to demo the OpenCRVS to an interested party and showcase its feature, but I am stuck. Thanks.

Hey, thanks for reaching out! You have discussed this in GitHub with Riku and this seems to be solved :slight_smile:

Yes I was able to resolve the problem. Thank you.