Migrate from docker compose V1 to V2

Hi everyone,

From July 2023 Compose V1 stopped receiving updates. It’s also no longer available in new releases of Docker Desktop.

We need to migrate from docker compose v1 to v2.
The installation in the setup.sh use actually the version 1 and must update to version 2.

The difference is just the command compose:
[docker-compose] in the v1
[docker compose] in the v2 (remove of the dash - )

Thank you.


Hi Adrien,

Thanks for raising this. I will let @Euan_OpenCRVS and @Riku_OpenCRVS respond to this as it is a technical question.

Can you please tell us a little bit more about your use of OpenCRVS and for what reason?

Thanks so much!


Hey Adrien,

I have now reviewed and approved your pull requests.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

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Hi @Annina_OpenCRVS,

As the project is opensource, I am personally currently exploring the features of openCRVS to see these performance, customizability and configuration.

I will be happy to contribute to this project.

Hi @Riku_OpenCRVS,

There are another change to do for the migration to docker compose v2.
We need to test if the command
docker compose version
return the value of the existence of version.

Best regards,



Thanks for your contributions, Adrien!