Launch of OpenCRVS v1.2.0

We welcome you to join us for the launch of OpenCRVS v1.2.0 on 2nd February at 9:00 am GMT / 12:00 pm EAT / 2:30 pm IST.

Through your continued engagement and contributions, OpenCRVS is becoming a platform with a rich feature set that reflects the diversity of inputs from around the world. With progress in country implementations, we are constantly working towards strengthening the platform by incorporating every insight that we get to a tangible benefit for countries and key stakeholders.

Since the release of OpenCRVS v1.0 in June of last year, we have incorporated significant architectural and design enhancements. As a result, the platform now has new features such as Vital Statistics Export, User Audit and Advanced Search, giving countries a way of implementing an eCRVS system that goes well beyond the scope of traditional civil registration systems.

During the virtual event, our team will demo these enhanced features and their potential to improve civil registration services for countries implementing the platform. In addition, we will highlight countries we are working with as they undertake their transformational civil registration journeys.

Join us as we showcase how OpenCRVS enhances the value of civil registration systems. Click the link to attend the event and give your insights here.

OpenCRVS hosted a virtual release for v1.2.0 of the platform on 2nd February 2023, showcasing the latest and greatest features and functionalities that have been built in response to global demand.

Watch the recording through this link to get:

  • A recap of everything OpenCRVS achieved in 2022.
  • An overview and demonstration of key features and functionalities included in v1.2.0.
  • A sneak peek of what lies ahead for OpenCRVS in 2023 and plans for release v1.3.0, including MOSIP integration, marriage and divorce registration modules and putting civil registration at the heart of effective government service delivery through G2P Connect and the Convergence initiative.

Check out the updated documentation for v1.2.0 at, and for more information on OpenCRVS, visit the website:

If you are considering CRVS digitisation and would like to speak to the team and/or arrange a private demonstration, get in touch by emailing