Summary: 1st System Integrators Call 16/03/22

OpenCRVS held its first call for System Integrators on 2022-03-16T07:00:00Z. The call focused on exploring how .org can work with SIs to support the effective implementation of OpenCRVS in pursuit of high-quality civil registration services around the world.

Some of the requests included the development of a training and accreditation scheme for SIs and consultants to effectively advise on and support OpenCRVS implementations, access to a demo environment, security accreditation and standards and much more.

We will be providing an update on how .org will respond to these requests in the coming 2 months as we finalise our activity plan for Q3 and Q4.

If you didn’t attend and you’re an SI looking to use OpenCRVS - what do you need from us?


Thanks so much for attending #SIs and #Consultants - we’re really excited about the activities we’re planning for in Q3 and Q4 to respond to the requests you made :grinning: … more on this coming soon!


Hello Evelyne, and thanks for your report on the SIs call.

Is your advertised link to the slides missing, or are my eyes playing tricks on me again?

Best regards.


Hi @K_A_A_M , your eyes were not deceiving you. I have now placed the link.

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Thank you, Evelyne.

Here’s a tiny little hint though, if I may offer it please.

I think you might want to change the ‘Get link’ scope for this file (and any other Google Drive object you wish to share) — from “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link”. The copied link URL will then end in “/view?usp=sharing”.

Otherwise, you’ll have to grant access to each individual. (I have two such outstanding file access requests.)

I hope this helps.

Have a pleasant day.


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Which link we are talking here ? I missed this session and it would be great material if it’s public information.

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@K_A_A_M and @aashish.chatterjee . Please access the SI Webinar decks


Here is a PDF for download as well :slight_smile:
OpenCRVS System Integrators Webinar_16thMarch2022.pdf (355.1 KB)

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@K_A_A_M and @aashish.chatterjee the decks are now available


Thank you, Annina. :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please sort out access to the slides for the 1st Product Council Meeting on 23 March 2022, as I requested in that thread?

Best regards.


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