What are your training needs?

  1. What topics do you need to be trained on in relation to OpenCRVS?
  2. What kind of training mechanism works best for you i.e. in-person bootcamp, eLearning course, peer2peer learning?

My name is Mohamed Salah. First, let me thank you and the Open-CRVS team on a great CRVS product.
I installed and configured Open-CRVS R1 as POC and I was really happy with the out of the box features of the system. I would like to get training material on the following:

  1. The Customization of the country data for Open-CRVS (I tried to follow the steps in the guide but having issues)
  2. The Customization of the look and feel of the open-CRVS UI
  3. More details on how to customize the birth/death certificates

For me, eLearning works best for me but I don’t mind any other methods.


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Hi Mohamed!

Great to hear from you, and thanks so much for your comments. We are so happy that you have had a positive experience so far. Are you configuring it for a specific country or just to test?

With regards to customisation of the country data - what problems did you experience? Our technical team can help via GitHub discussions. Alternatively share here and @Euan_OpenCRVS can respond.

Great suggestions for training, thanks - we will take this into our design process :+1:

Thanks again - we so appreciate your feedback!

Hello Anina, thank you for your engagement in the community. Since Opencrvs uses a bit tricky technology stack i will recommand to provide more video training for implementer like installation process. And also for the maintenance (DevOps part). The training model can be online (live training or video tutorials).

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Hi @Bcyrille ! Thanks so much for your feedback and this suggestion. This is very much in line with a suggestion that @Euan_OpenCRVS made, so it’s great to validate that this would be useful :slight_smile: We would love to engage you in testing this as it becomes available!