Communication Management

Not sure how much work has been done in this module/feaure, but I would like to suggest or propose we look at [] as a possible candidate for this feature. I think it would be a great unifying comms management solution along the lines of an omni-channel solution which exist in the retail industry. It is an open source platform in the style of discord with plugins/bridges for the most popular proprietary messaging networks out there (whatsapp, messenger, telegraph, etc.) Take a look at it if you like.


Thanks, @bzmrgonz ! @Euan_OpenCRVS and @Riku_OpenCRVS check it out - what do you think? While we enable SMS now, these other comms channels are certainly in the backlog :+1:

Thank you for your comment. We will likely have to unify all comms channels under one service sooner or later, as building and maintaining separate integrations typically increases the total cost of ownership quite a bit. Matrix is a good candidate for this. I also see other benefits in using a solution like this, as it has the potential to simplify the initial installation for country implementations.

As Annina mentioned, we currently enable SMS, but we also know it won’t be enough for all countries. I’d be very interested to learn more about the de facto communication channels in different countries besides SMS and email.

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The global market is segmented as can be seen in this article(2nd chart) WhatsApp Usage, Revenue, Market Share and other Statistics (2019) / Digital Information World . I think sms is perfectly fine for now, especially given it’s resilience in extreme remote areas. If cell signal is spotty, an sms will arrive as soon as next signal registers on the handset.