Why is a DPG for CRVS required?

SDG 16.9 calls for the need *to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030.

With 7.5 years left to go, we ask:

  1. Why is a DPG for CRVS needed?
  2. What will it take to take OpenCRVS to scale, in pursuit of this SDG agenda?

Tell us what you think!


I think DPG(Digital Public Good) for or in CRVS makes absolute sense because can create a standard of sorts in the CRVS niche software market. There are a handful of top solutions out there, nevertheless this creates fragmentation and reinvention of the wheel as it were. To illlustrate, for the past 3 decades, there’s been a fragmentation in the standard to power electronic devices, the landfill is witness to the many vendors who attempted to lock-in their users to consume only their power adapters. Last month, the EU mandated that all or most electronic devices MUST be powered by usb-c adapters. This is a huge environmental win for both consumers and the environment. Likewise in CRVS, the business process is already standardized, now we just have to apply that standardization to the software/platform.

To reach critical mass, I think we need to convince those same “various” platform providers, to embrace opencrvs, invest/adopt the project and still protect their bottom line by providing support. Their peace of mind comes by the fact that no nation state will ever implement a solution without technical support, even if we build capacity in-country, that extra layer of assurance from a reputable knowledgeable software company who stands behind a product is needed.

The message should be, we, the open source practitioners will get there, it’s only a matter of time, so either they embrace it and move along with us, or their market segment will disappear slowly.

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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this @bzmrgonz ! Indeed, the demand for digital public goods is certainly growing and clearly present in many of the RFPs being issued for digital CRVS solutions. Assuming this move is for the long-term (we hope :grinning: ) what then is the role of the SI? I see this as an opportunity for some first starters - differentiating themselves in terms of business analysis, domain knowledge and implementation excellence… What do you think?